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The Zebras

The Zebras

Max Budan: drums / Jeremy Cole: guitar+vox / Edwina Ewins: bass+vox / Leon Dufficy: guitar / Greg Brady: guitar+vox

The Zebras are relatives of yours. I’ll bet you didn’t remember them until now! A couple of years back they contacted you and travelled from Brisbane to be at your door. They promised to keep in touch but soon the visits and phone calls dried up. Now, perhaps you think they were just hanging around for the free wireless broadband. It’s possible, but they haven’t really been ignoring you. They’ve just been rather busy preparing for you a present. It's a CD. You always like getting CDs.

The Zebras’ effortless melodies and pure approach are in abundant display on their second album Worry A Lot released in late 2006.

Recorded entirely at home and produced by The Zebras, the album opens with the driving 12-string guitar-fest of You Look Ready which quietly sneaks up on you before launching itself out of the speakers lodging its melody firmly in your mind for days on end. From there, the guitar hooks of Leon Dufficy, the dreamy vocals and guitar strum of Jeremy Cole, the bass and ethereal backing vocals of Edwina Ewins, and the where-to-now drumming of Max Budan open up and continue to serve it up — eleven more scrumptious portions of The Zebras trademark jangly pie. Chew each piece a few times before swallowing and savour the flavours, there’s no rush to clear the plates you know!

Happily doing their own thing up there in Brisbane all these years (since ’01 to be precise), the Zebras have done the family name proud, occasionally playing with wayward out-of-towners like Lambchop, The Shins, The Mountain Goats, Calvin Johnson as well as Brisbane legends, the Go-Betweens. Like I said, you weren’t even aware of their presence… or maybe you were?

A few years back their first single Car of Idiots, released on 7” vinyl, was a hit, regularly heard streaming out of Triple J. This was followed by their widely acclaimed self-titled album, which also received loads of airplay on Triple J and was featured on the Home and Hosed program’s CD compilation “Freshly Plucked”. If any of that caught your ear, then you will not be disappointed by their latest instalment.

The Zebras recently returned from their ridiculously successful maiden voyage to Europe, the UK, and the US, and look forward to playing dates across Australia in 2007.

The Zebras "New Ways of Risking Our Lives" CD EP $12 (L&L051) (Add To Basket)
The Zebras "Worry a Lot" CD $18 (L&L022) (Add To Basket)
The Zebras "The Zebras" CD $18 (L&L017) (Add To Basket)

Upcoming Shows:
Thu 22nd May-Witch Room, Sacramento, CA
w/ The Mechanical Bride + Monnone Alone + Arts & Leisure

Sun 25th May-Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco, CA
SF Popfest! w/ Terry Malts + Lunchbox + Wimps

Wed 28th May-Red & Black Cafe, Portland OR
w/ Monnone Alone + A.Kaffer & A.Bayer

Sat 31st May-Spike Hill, New York, NY
NYC Popfest! w/ The Gingerlys + Don't Cry Shopgirl + The Arctic Flow (Free show!)

Mon 2nd Jun-Otto's Shrunken Head, New York NY
w/ Monnone Alone + Mid-State Orange