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Kirsty Stegwazi

Kirsty Stegwazi

Kirsty Stegwazi is an established solo artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Her distinctive vocals and pop melodies are unpredictable and catchy, complemented by her idiosyncratic guitar style.

Kirsty's trademark chunky riffs are punctuated by moments of delicate intricacy, lending a mesmerising and often spooky flavour to her music. Audiences are taken on a bumpy ride through territories ranging from fragile to exuberant. She has a strong presence on stage and is well known for the way she gracefully holds her own while she performs. Both her live and recorded work have changed and developed over the last five years.

She usually plays acoustic guitar, but it is not unheard of for her to bring along an electric for certain gigs. She has also begun to play more and more shows as a duo, pairing up with the amazing Andria Prudente, (ex-Arossa), who lent many musical treasures to Kirsty's first album Keep Still.

The diversity of her songs and strength of her live performance has enabled her to support lots of different kinds of bands and artists, ranging from mainstream to obscure, local to international. She has supported the likes of Ben Harper (USA), Chris Knox (NZ), Cat Power (USA), Sean Lennon (USA) and is scheduled to support the Indigo Girls on their postponed Australian tour.

Though Stegwazi has always best been known as a solo performer she has also played in a few different bands such as The Bedridden, Sickbay, Prude and Cowlick. She has also occasionally moonlighted in bands such as Magic Dirt, contributing cello, vocals or guitar. She has also guested on recent releases by Art of Fighting, Machine Translations and appeared as a guest vocalist on Paul Kelly's 'Roll on Summer' EP.

Stegwazi regularly tours the east coast of Australia. In 1999 she toured Europe and the U.K, and, in April of 2000, played a stack of shows in New Zealand. Her last visit to the Land of the Long White Cloud was a tour of the south island with The Foots in April.

After two dodgy cassette releases Kirsty put out her first CD/ EP, 'A Good Day' (White Label /Mushroom Records) in 1997, to much critical acclaim. Soon after, Kirsty defected to the lovely and truly independent Way Over There label, through which she released her debut single 'Indulge Me' (a co-write between Stegwazi and Headless Chicken Fiona McDonald), and her debut album Keep Still. The Australia Council for the Arts financed both of these releases.

Kirsty Stegwazi

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