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(Jun 2015)


We welcome Hideous Towns to Lost And Lonesome! The quartet of indiepop genii hailing from Melbourne, have a new single 'Heart Attack' b/w 'Skin' available to order now on 7” vinyl (hand-numbered and with a lipstick kiss from the band!), with orders shipping from July 16.

'Heart Attack' follows Hideous Towns’ two previous self-releases — 2014’s 'Don’t Look Up' single and subsequent self-titled EP — and finds Alana West’s distinctive vocals swooning and swaying atop waves of glorious guitars variously crashing, jangling and trembling.

Whilst fervently taking their cues from indiepop’s guitar-led antecedents, Hideous Towns succeed at effortlessly dipping into post-punk, new wave and dreampop, arriving ultimately at a sound that is luminous, honest and bold.

Recorded and mixed by Matthew Hosking (VHS Dream) and mastered by Mikey Young (Dick Diver, Twerps), 'Heart Attack' is an exciting instalment in what is shaping up to be an impressive body of work.

Catch Hideous Towns at one of these upcoming shows:

June 26th — Brisbane @ The Underdog
June 27th — Brisbane @ The Bearded Lady 
June 28th — Sunshine Coast @ The Time Machine
July 4th — Melbourne @ Exit Strategy Studios 
July 10th — Adelaide @ The Metropolitan Hotel
July 25th — Sydney @ The Oxford Art Factory Gallery Bar



(Feb 2015)


Australia / New Zealand release date: February 20, 2015. CD and 180-gram red vinyl.

Our favourite purveyors of the Californian busted-beach-pop sound Sonny & the Sunsets are back with their latest oddball collection of sounds and stories entitled Talent Night at the Ashram

A big soup of sonic ideas that wouldn’t normally be glued together, the songs on Talent Night at the Ashram make a large collage that mixes cinematic stories of fringe characters. 

Initially envisioned as a film project, each song was originally a short film that, when strung together, formed a feature-length movie. As Sonny Smith was writing the scripts and hiring the actors (even shooting a few of the clips), the scripts began to morph into songs.

Equal parts Fellini and Os Mutantes, Talent Night at the Ashram is cinematic in its storytelling and kaleidoscopic in its mixing and merging of musical genres. Pairing uniquely off-the-wall stories with an ambitious musical scope, we once again find Smith securing his status as one of today’s most arrestingly inventive songwriters.  



(Oct 2014)


We are proud to announce Record, the new album by Melbourne electric piano duo Paddy Gordon and Lewis Mulvey AKA Footy.

The follow up to their critically acclaimed 2013 debut Mobile Cemetery is a sparser and arguably more challenging beast, foregrounding raw, almost "lo-fi" keyboards recorded without any overdubs or production trickery.

Modal jazz, contemporary classical, experimental pop and various "psych" genres can at times serve as touchstones, but ultimately the sound is all Footy – a literal record of captured fragments of dissolving and emerging sonic moments.

Record will be finding its way into the world on October 31. Pre-order now on CD and vinyl LP!

Footy Record Album Launch
Saturday December 6 — The Tote, Collingwood VIC
With guests The Icypoles + School Girl Report + Guy & Marcus Blackman Experimentation Project

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